Online courses have become an increasingly popular business over the past years and the market will continue to grow. By 2024, the e-learning market is expected to exceed $200 billion.

High schools and universities aren’t the only ones making the move to be completely digital. Online courses allow skilled professionals to share their knowledge in an easily accessible way. Don’t know where to start? Check out what to keep in mind when designing your first course.

The educator’s role is important. Online courses create an opportunity for students to learn new skills that can benefit their personal life and career. Here are three main reasons why students take online courses and how they provide value for teachers:

Flexible Learning

Students can access the course material from anywhere with a computer, phone or tablet. This online and offline access allows for constant education opportunities at any time. Additionally, all the learning can be done at the user’s own pace. This accommodates all learning styles, schedules, and locations.

Why this is valuable: Since there are fewer limits on who can enroll, your class can be shown to a wide audience. You’re more likely to find people in your niche and reach people that a physical class couldn’t.


The price of an online course is considerably lower than a course in a traditional classroom. It’s not surprising that many students are flocking to online degrees to avoid traditional school fees such as housing and parking. The same applies to online courses. Students save money since there are no transportation costs or outside materials that need to be expensed.

Why this is valuable: When your course is priced right, students will view it as a great learning resource, but at a fraction of the cost of a physical course.

Genuine Interest

Since many online courses are optional, those who enroll are more likely to be genuinely interested in the topic. People will decide to take your course because it will help them solve a problem or teach them a skill they want to learn.

Why this is valuable: Eager and engaged learners will lead to a higher completion rate. The more people that complete your course, the greater the opportunity to offer related or advanced courses.

There are many practical reasons why individuals decide to enroll in an online course and many advantages to taking one. Employers are looking for an educated workforce and individuals will always be looking to improve their interests and hobbies. Online courses foster an accessible, cost-effective and value-driven learning community for the students and teachers.

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