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5 Steps to Consider to Create an Online Course

By January 13, 2021No Comments

online courseNewsflash: E-learning is here, and it is here to stay! Whether you are an elementary school student or a professional looking to expand your knowledge, there is an online option for you. If you are already an expert, maybe you want to create an online course yourself!

Online learning is emerging as a norm in society, however, the attitude towards online courses is still fluctuating. Creating an online course leads to questions regarding design, development, and presentation such as:

  • How can I increase awareness of my course with a wide audience and range of competitors?
  • Are my courses engaging enough that my students desire to pay close attention?
  • How can I provide the utmost quality in my instruction?
  • What is my course’s differentiator?

And the list continues. Looking for answers to these questions? Read the five steps below for providing the greatest quality in your online course!

Step 1: Market Research

Congratulations! You have decided to create an online course in your area of expertise. The first step in the development process is to conduct market research! Your research should include information on your target audience, competitors, and existing teaching techniques.

It is important to have a clear idea about the desire and need consumers have for your specific course. What will lead people to participate, engage, and ultimately learn from what you have to offer?

Step 2: Design

The wide scope of the internet allows anyone to make similar content and offerings. Thus, you must figure out how to make your course unique and desirable. Use a modern theme that will draw people in. In addition, think about the functionality of your course. How will people move from section to section? Is the content understandable?

Be interactive! Include quizzes, games, and feedback requests periodically throughout your course. Select photos, readings, and examples that are meaningful, relevant, and up-to-date. Maybe include voiceovers and videos as more effective forms of learning.

Step 3: Creation and Pricing

Once you have decided how and what the content will look like, it is time to find the best host platform. Will your course be directly from your site or via an external platform? Which approach best fits the needs of your course?

Next, it is time to develop your course! In addition to the aforementioned design details, be sure to create a detailed course outline for ease and reference of your students. Include lecture notes, flashcards, and other study tools that could better differentiate your course.

Finally, another area to consider is pricing. How much will the course be? Will you have different packages or a flat rate? What are your competitors’ pricing strategies? Research the market to develop the best pricing strategy for your course and business!

Step 4: Marketing

You did it! You created your course! Increase awareness and participation by using effective marketing tools! Figure out the standard student who will take advantage of your course offerings and how that audience receives information.

When marketing your course, consider using paid advertising through social media channels and reaching out to local schools, depending on your course. Remember, you set the goal of making your course unique, desirable, and engaging. How can you convey the quality of your course to the greater public?

Step 5: Retention

Even if you think your course is exceptional, it is crucial to hear from the students themselves. Use these questions as a guideline when generating feedback from students and continuing to revise your course:

  • How did you hear about this course?
  • Were you happy with the course?
  • Did this course meet your expectations?
  • Was there something else you wished you learned through this course?
  • What can you update to increase the educational level of your course?
  • What are the next steps for your business?
  • How can you continue to grow?

Are you looking to create an online course? You bring the instructional knowledge, our team at Sweet Rose Studios will bring the building knowledge! Contact our team to begin developing your online course today!