Pop Culture in Content MarketingWhen the latest pop culture trend – Pokemon Go – brought hordes of gamers out of their homes and into the front doors of dozens of businesses, the first question you probably asked yourself was, “What the heck is the ‘deal with this game’!”

Your second question: “How do I capitalize on this?”

Unfortunately, you can’t choose to make your storefront a “PokeStop” (at least, not yet…for now PokeStops and gyms are chosen by the developers). But you can learn how to use the latest pop culture trends to attract business to your brand!

Stay In The Know

Most social media platforms have a designated section for “trending” topics. Whether it’s Twitter’s most popular hashtags, Facebook’s “Trending” feed, or Snapchat’s Live Stories, there’s no limit to your access to the hottest topics of the hour.

Even Google is getting in on the action with Google Trends. This amazing feature allows you to see trending Google searches, giving you real-time insight into the things that people care about the most.

Pop Culture in Content Marketing - Google Trends

Take a look at the most popular search topics on Google Trends.

These trending topics are the perfect way to attract attention to your brand. Hopefully by now you have set up your accounts with these leading social media platforms. All you have to do is come up with creative ways to tie popular trends into your product line or special services, and you’ll have hacked into a marketing gold mine!

Get Creative!

Take the Rio Olympics for example. The games will be wrapping up in a few short days, but they continue to lead the latest search and post trends.

This year’s Olympic games have been full of so many memorable moments. Usain bolt keeps racking in his gold medals. Michael Phelps earned himself 5 gold medals and 1 silver medal before announcing his retirement from the competition. Simone Biles established herself as the Queen of the Games and continues to drop jaws and break records with her gravity-defying routines.

Pop Culture In Content Marketing - Usain Bolt

Your clever pop culture references will have clients running to you your product faster than Usain Bolt

Capitalize on the daily competition to spread the word about your business! When Usain Bolt competes in the 4x100m finals, use leading Twitter hashtags to get your next tweet seen. Mention how your services are completed “Faster than #usainbolt and at a #goldmedal quality you can be proud of.” Direct viewers to your website, and offer a special discount when they enter a promo code.

Come up with a creative way that superstar Simone Biles might use your product or service to better her life. Challenge customers to stop by your shop, demonstrate their best gymnastics move (even if it’s just a cartwheel!) and Live Stream the event on Facebook. Those who complete the challenge receive a free gift or discount towards your store.

Obviously, this tactic is most effective at certain points in time. It won’t make sense to tweet about the Olympics one month from now! Perhaps you could come up with a creative way to use the Election to your advantage, or find out which hit TV shows will be premiering or airing their finales in the coming months.

Things go viral when they’re unique, entertaining, and easily accessible to large groups of people. With a little know-how, the right timing, and a lot of creativity, all it takes is that one magical tweet or post…then watch the customers roll in!

Make Trends Work For You

Let’s go back to the issue that many small businesses have with Pokemon Go.

As previously mentioned, you cannot pick and choose where these digital creatures will pop up. If you happen to be lucky enough to have a PokeStop in your storefront, that’s great! But what about those people who could not use this pop culture trend to the advantage of their business?

Pop Culture in Content Marketing - Pokemon Go

Even if your business isn’t an actual Pok?Stop, you can still capitalize on the trend and bring new customers into your door!

It’s not that difficult to make these trends work for you. Find a PokeStop near your business, tweet or post about it, and offer a discount to those players who come out to hunt for Pokemon.

If you’re a restaurant, that could mean offering a “refueling station” before players head back out “for the hunt.” A clothing store could provide fashionable attire for gamers.

A landscaping company could offer special discounts for homes who are fortunate (or unfortunate!) enough to have a rare Pokemon “living” in their front yard. Those people will want their lawn looking pristine when the crowds roll in for the hunt!

Again, creativity always wins when it comes to pop culture trends. You might not think that there is a direct connection between your business and the latest craze, but a quick brainstorming session or a phone call with Sweet Rose Studios might convince you otherwise.

Upcoming Trends You Should Know About

AMC’s hit show The Walking Dead¬†will be airing its much anticipated Season 7 Premiere in October. Sit down right now and jot down a list of five different ways that you can tie?this thrilling show into your next marketing campaign.

I’ve mentioned the Election already. Debates will begin in full force in September. No matter what your political affiliation may be, I can guarantee that there are plenty of quirky slogans or campaign ideas that you could make work for your brand. (Although, might I suggest that you leave your own political beliefs out of it…you don’t want to scare away an entire group of people!)

What’s your creative pop culture marketing idea? Let us know in the comments section below! We’d love to hear all of the exciting ways that you plan on using the latest trends to drive business to your brand.

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