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taylor swift's marketing strategy

Pop Star or Clandestine Businesswoman? Inside Taylor Swift’s Marketing Strategy

Most know Taylor Swift as the once country singer turned pop star, but to some, the ?Shake It Off? singer is viewed as a marketing guru...

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Unleash Your Customer’s Creativity With User-Generated Content

User-generated content can work wonders for brand awareness and creative marketing campaigns. Find out how your customers can become your brand voice!

How to Create Facebook Ads That Get Clicked

How to Create Facebook Ads (That Get Clicked!)

Brands that invest time up front in their Facebook ads reach their customers on a personal level and learn what resonates for them. Learn how to market on Facebook and increase engagement!

Build credibility through social media

Transparency In The Age Of Social Media Marketing

Social media puts your brand on the line for all kinds of feedback. Learn how you can use all feedback - even criticism - to your advantage.


Get Smart With Social: One Company’s Creative Social Media Campaign

Trying something new through social media can be an effective, efficient, and exciting strategy. Learn how a small local business grew their reach through a creative social media campaign!

Client Relationship Management Through Social Media

Managing Client Relationships With Social Media

Develop an online presence in social media presence through blog posts to boost your marketing campaign.

Darts on target

2 Easy Steps to Finding Your Target Audience In Social Media

How do you find your target audience on different social media platforms?

Determining The Right Length For Your Online Content

Different online mediums have different requirements - find out the ideal length for your content!

Ways To Develop Your Company’s Online Audience

Tips for building your online marketing audience and why it's important for your business.