Online Marketing Tools

To execute properly, Sweet Rose Studios takes advantage of a collection of high-quality online tools.

Here are just a few:


WordPress is a web-based Content Management System (CMS) currently powering over 75 million websites globally. WordPress offers nearly infinite cost-effective options for transforming your current site into one that is more visually appealing and easy to navigate. It also presents a solid infrastructure for content creation and optimization.

Google Analytics

In the small business world, Google Analytics is the de-facto tool for tracking website visitor statistics. It is the most used and trusted website analytics service on the internet that can ensure we’re getting the proper statistics to target your audience in the most efficient and effective manner.



Agorapluse facilitates social media management and analytics. Their user friendly calendar and collaboration tools can take your social media engagement and followers to the next level.


Redbooth helps coordinate projects, ideas, deliverables, and more – all online. This project management software offers easy accessibility on the go and at home to help us stay connected and keep on track with all of our tasks.

Mailchimp logo


Grow and engage with your email lists with Mailchimp’s all-in-one marketing platform. Their fast editing features and newsletter templates allow you to reach your audience directly and grow your business with meaningful email campaigns.

Databox logo


Track all your data and performance in one place with Databox’s business analytics platform. Seamlessly combine multiple data sources to get a full overview of your company’s data. Comprehensive dashboards communicate a clear picture of your website’s performance and our digital marketing strategy.

SEMrush logo


As one of the top marketing management software used tools used worldwide, SEMRush provides expansive tools for keyword research, strategy, competitor analysis, and more. Their multiple reports and tracking tools can help find target keywords, monitor SEO advances, and shape content strategy.

Zoho logo


Zoho hosts a variety of business productivity tools including email marketing software and CRM management. With everything integrated within the same platform, track performance, and easily manage and schedule future campaigns. These tools allow us to synchronize your database and design more effective marketing campaigns.

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