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How a Taylor Swift Blog Sparked an Organic Traffic Surge

By March 5, 2024No Comments

Do you feel like your SEO efforts are hitting a wall?

You’re not alone. The SEO landscape is rapidly changing:

Traditional SEO is slowly becoming a thing of the past. We’re seeing it and our clients are seeing it too.

Council For Relationships, a nonprofit organization that offers therapy and clinical training in the greater Philadelphia area, recently saw a spike in their Organic traffic due to a new blog they posted: 4 Mental Health Lessons from Taylor Swift’s Red. It breaks down lyrics from some of the album’s songs and ties in a mental health lesson for each.

Taylor Swift is more famous now than ever before which could be why the blog is popular. But this isn’t the first time they’ve written an article like this. They’ve shared similar blogs to this one before:

  1. 4 Mental Health Lessons from Taylor Swift’s Speak Now (posted on 11/28/2023)
  2. Taylor Swift Songs about Mental Health: Fearless (Taylor’s Version) (posted on 10/17/2023)
  3. Taylor Swift Songs about Mental Health: The Self-Titled Edition (posted on 9/18/2023)

Does Red (Taylor’s Version) focus on mental health more than the others? Is that the reason it took off?

As a self-proclaimed Swiftie, I’d argue it doesn’t (despite the deeply moving ballad that is All Too Well (10 Minute Version) closing out the album). Instead, my hunch is that it has something to do with the fact that the blog was featured in the Google Perspectives section:

A google search for taylor swift

Google has been getting much more intentional about offering up experience-based content over the past year. This new section helps searchers explore real people’s experiences, opinions, and feedback. So instead of just seeing Taylor Swift’s wiki information or a link to her website, a search for her name now displays opinion-based articles like this towards the top of search results.

What’s the Takeaway?

The lesson here isn’t necessarily to just include Taylor Swift in your marketing (although a lot of companies are finding success in mooching off her name and fame).

Instead, business owners should see this as insight as to where the new SEO landscape is headed.

SEO Is Evening the Playing Field

Things like Perspectives and SGE may be evening the SEO playing field. Small businesses can now rank for searches that have a high monthly search volume.

The keyword “taylor swift” has a monthly search volume of 6,120,000 and a keyword difficulty of 100. Before these recent updates, it would have been unheard of for a small business to immediately rank for a popular keyword like this.

A screenshot of monthly search volume for taylor swift on SEMRush

It’s also tedious to do keyword research, stay on top of current trends, and educate yourself on SEO best practices without having an entire marketing team at your disposal. But now with Perspectives and SGE, authenticity is the team player. It’s slowly becoming the key ingredient to whether a piece is successful or not.

This is also a great reminder that it’s important to create content that provides value first. This is instead of content that:

Thinking About Lead Generation

Council For Relationships often gets leads from people searching for therapists in their area. This could be people searching for “couples therapy near Philadelphia” or “family counseling near me”.

But this surge in traffic raises an interesting idea about lead generation.

A Taylor Swift-focused article that ties her lyrics back to mental health could pique a person’s interest who’s struggling with anxiety. Maybe this person is a Swiftie and they’ve been thinking about starting therapy for a while. Maybe they see this article like that, read through some of the lyrics they already know by heart, and it resonates with them.

Maybe this results in the person reaching out to the therapist who wrote the article about scheduling an intro session.

By feeling seen first, this person could be more inclined to take that step and reach out about setting up a session. By the time they finish the article, they’re operating from a place of comfort and recognition, not from a place of being sold to.

While this is a nontraditional way of generating leads, this could become more popular as Google Perspectives takes off and things like SGE become more widespread. It may become more commonplace to invest in this kind of marketing.

By capturing your audience’s interest first, without mentioning products or services, you could form more genuine connections which could result in higher-quality leads.


  • The SEO landscape is changing and it could benefit small businesses
  • It’s possible to rank for high-volume searches if you create valuable content that resonates with your audience
  • People are tired of being advertised to. See if you can create content without even mentioning your product or service

It’s getting easier to find human-first content that reflects authentic connections, interests, and real-world experiences. While we can’t know for sure how things like Google Perspectives and SGE will impact SEO in the long run, this example from Council For Relationships raises some interesting ideas on how human-first content could help businesses better connect with their target audiences.

If you’d like help assessing your current SEO strategy and seeing if there are ways to improve it, our team can help! Contact Sweet Rose Studios today for a free consultation.