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Upgrade Your Marketing Strategy with AI: A Small Business Owner’s Guide

By January 31, 2023March 27th, 2023No Comments

What are AI Text Generators?

AI text generators are powerful tools developed by various companies that can help small business owners save time and effort when creating marketing content. At their core, these programs can understand and generate human language, making them valuable tools for any small business looking to improve their digital marketing efforts.

One of the main benefits of AI text generators for small businesses is their ability to quickly and easily generate high-quality, engaging content.

Whether you need blog posts, email copy, or social media posts, AI text generators can help you create professional-grade content in a fraction of the time it would take to do it manually. This can be a huge time saver for small business owners who are already stretched thin with all the other responsibilities they have to manage.

At Sweet Rose Studios, we’ve already begun implementing ai text generators into our creative process with clients. For example, we’ve used them to create:

  • Meta descriptions for specific site pages
  • Lists of keyword suggestions to improve SEO
  • Descriptions for a website (such as product details and blog posts)
  • Copy for email marketing campaigns
  • Social media captions

One of the best parts of using AI text generators is that they typically respond within seconds, making them an effective tool that can help you build out your social calendar. Additionally, there are a ton of platforms to choose from and they’re getting better at offering us more every day. Since they are getting more advanced every day, small business owners would be well-positioned to test them out and learn how to use them to their advantage.

Understanding the Limitations

While AI text generators can be helpful tools, it’s important to understand their limitations.

Limited Understanding of Context

AI text generators are able to generate human language but they have difficulty understanding the nuances of a given context. For example, when we one to write social media posts about reaching out to our clients’ prospects for a quote, it began to write inspirational quotes from famous people like Abraham Lincoln and Steve Jobs.

It completely misunderstood the meaning of the word “quote”. It didn’t realize we were using the word as an estimate of how much a project could cost. This is why it’s important to read through the entire output before using any of the outputs in public-facing marketing materials.

Difficulty with Creative Tasks

While AI text generators can generate a wide range of content, they can struggle with tasks that require more creativity or originality. They may have difficulty writing a truly compelling and unique story or coming up with an original marketing campaign. Their output may just be a rephrasing of the input so be sure to give them a lot of information when writing out each request.

Generating Repetitive Content

AI text generators may repeat themselves or give irrelevant information. This can make it difficult to sift through the output and find the most useful information.

Additionally, with Google’s recent “helpful content” update, creators need to exercise caution when using AI writing software. Search engines are getting better equipped to distinguish between human-generated and machine-generated content.

To avoid negative effects on SEO, it’s crucial to individualize any outputs from AI text generators so you’re still creating high-quality, audience-centric content. AI writing tools can be useful for saving time, but it’s important to personalize the output to ensure that the convenience of quick content creation doesn’t come at a cost in the long term.

The Future of Content Creation

Despite its limitations, artificial intelligence is becoming increasingly prominent in marketing and business. To the extent that some experts estimate 90% of online content will be generated by AI by 2025. Small business owners who learn to use tools like these will be well-positioned to take advantage of this trend.

But creating content is just the first step. If you’re not sure how to utilize the content that AI text generators create for you, our team at Sweet Rose Studios is here to assist. Contact us today and our experts will help you create a comprehensive content marketing calendar that will allow you to maximize the potential of your AI generated content.