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Authenticity Is King: 4 Trends We’ll See In Video Marketing In 2023

By December 20, 2022No Comments

We already know how important it is to incorporate video into a small business marketing strategy:

That being said, consumption styles are changing. The use of video has permanently evolved from something reserved for special occasions and big campaigns to a fundamental part of our media intake.

There are four key video marketing trends that small business owners should keep in mind as we move into 2023. In doing so, they can refine their approach to video marketing, keep up with the competition, and stay relevant by publishing content people are interested in.

Trend #1: Instagram Engagement is Declining – According to TrustInsight, Instagram engagement is slowly on the decline. While there isn’t an exact reason for the decline, recent changes in other platforms like Meta suggest many channels are struggling to compete with the ever-rising TikTok.

For small business owners, this should serve as a reminder to diversify among several platforms. Diving headfirst into TikTok isn’t necessarily the answer, but it’s always a good idea to know where your audience is spending time. A company that doesn’t rely too heavily on one platform will be able to easily shift their focus as certain channels become more popular or fade away.

Two people taking a selfieTrend #2: Authenticity is King – The rise of apps like BeReal tells us that the newest generation values authenticity. Small businesses that want to connect with this demographic should aim to produce video content that is natural and honest. For example, by sharing “behind the brand content”, business owners can peel back the curtain and give viewers a chance to see who they’re really engaging with. After all, people follow people. Not brands.

Trend #3: Short-Form Video Will Dominate – As attention spans get shorter, short-form video continues to become more popular. Small businesses that want to stay relevant should focus on creating short, engaging clips instead of long videos. With 0 click search results becoming the standard, it’s essential for companies to get to the point quickly when answering customers’ questions, solving problems, and/or showing how they can make their lives easier.

Trend #4: Consider Captions a Requirement – The majority of people watch videos and scroll on their phones with their volume turned off. On-screen captions are key to keeping your audience engaged as they silently scroll.

Additionally, as the world becomes more inclusive, features that allow everyone to participate will become a staple part of a consumer’s decision to engage with a brand. Small businesses can benefit from this cultural shift by making all of their visual content accessible to hard-of-hearing people.

Okay, so how do I get started?

Small businesses can integrate video content into their marketing strategy in several ways. But before jumping in, they should consider their audience and decide which visual format would best support their customers, products, and services.

Once you’ve identified where your target audience is, there are a few, beginner-friendly video editing programs to consider. For example:

Additionally, TikTok and Instagram offer in-app editing features. The creation of videos within these platforms may also lead to an increase in engagement. Our team at Sweet Rose Studios has observed that Instagram tends to favor content created within the app over imported content.

What types of videos should I make?

Small businesses could start with:

  • About Us Introductions – If you’re a small firm where people are looking up your first and last name more than your business name, this could help increase engagement if people see a video of you pop up instead of just a webpage with your name and credentials.
  • Influencer Videos – Opting in for a video-focused partnership with a college athlete under the newly enacted NIL Policy is one way small businesses can target students.
  • How-to Videos and Tutorials – Videos like these don’t need to be hyper-edited. You can use free video recording software like Loom to record yourself sharing your screen and walking people through a product, problem, or program.

Our team believes that video is becoming an integral part of every marketing strategy, so small businesses would do well to focus on it. By investing in video content now, small business owners will be well-positioned to engage their audiences and grow their brands in 2023 and beyond.

At Sweet Rose Studios, we’re constantly keeping up to date with the latest trends in digital marketing. That’s why you can count on us to keep you updated on industry insights and changes. Contact us today to find out how our team can help you improve your current marketing strategy!