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How to Repurpose Content for Your Small Business

By August 22, 2022No Comments

When it comes to small business marketing, time is of the essence. You don’t have the luxury of spending weeks on a single campaign – you need to be efficient and get the most out of everything you publish.

That’s where repurposing content comes in.

Repurposing content simply means taking your existing content and repackaging it in a new way. This could be turning a blog post into an infographic or a social media post, for example. This can go a long way in terms of saving time and reaching more people with your message.

Sometimes repurposing content can be as simple as paying attention to what your audience engages with the most. It may not always be what you expect.

Repurposing Content: A Case Study

Take Laser-View Technologies for example. They’re a small distributor of anti-collision systems in the overhead crane industry. They post new content consistently on both their website and social media (i.e. around 1 new blog post per week and a LinkedIn post every day).

Laser-View Technologies LinkedIn PostEvery now and then, we share old blog posts with a new caption on their social media account to see if the new angle will bring in more engagement than the original posting. Recently, one of their posts about a “Roomba robot” project they worked on got a lot of engagement.

A few reasons for this could be:

  • The content is still relevant – robotics is a growing industry and a hot topic recently.
  • The photo is engaging – people may have noticed the post because the robot is eye-catching.
  • Less is more – the caption is shorter this time around. This makes it easier to read and might have pulled in the users who are more likely to skim through their feeds.

Since the post was doing well, we decided to take it a step further and promote it. LinkedIn offers several different types of ads you can run depending on your goals. Since Laser-View is a small company, one of their primary goals is to get their brand in front of as many new, relevant people as possible. Given that brand awareness campaigns have been shown to increase conversions and engagement, we decided this type of campaign made the most sense.

LinkedIn also allows you to create target audiences based on certain demographic information (like industry, experience, and location). This makes it easy to show your content to your target audience.

We also pinned their post to the top of their profile for 2 weeks. This is a great way to increase organic engagement and drive more people to the website.

The Results

The campaign was ultimately a success. Once we started promoting the post, we saw clicks increase by +145% and impressions increased by +607%.

Reposting one piece of content got our client a lot more traffic. But because we paid attention to the engagement it was getting, we were able to identify it as an ideal piece for promotional content.

Paying attention like this is the key to repurposing content. Your audience will let you know what they want and what they’re interested in, you just have to pay attention and listen.

Interested in running a campaign like this for one of your blogs? We can help! Contact Sweet Rose Studios today and we’ll help you identify what content can be easily repurposed.