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12 Small Business Holidays You Can’t Afford To Miss

By July 27, 2022No Comments

Social Media Marketing for Small Businesses

Small business owner looking at social media

We often hear from our clients that they struggle with posting on social media regularly. Many small businesses don’t have dedicated marketing staff – they try to juggle social media on top of all their other responsibilities.

It makes sense, then, that social media is the first thing to go when things get busy.

But posting regularly doesn’t have to be time consuming. With automation platforms like Eclincher and Buffer, small business owners can schedule out content weeks or months in advance. Planning ahead and focusing on small, consistent effort can go a long way.

To help make this easier, we made a guide of the top small business holidays that can be easily used as an excuse to post on social media. They can also be used as a theme to run a special, host an event, or organize a promotion on a specific product.

While this list isn’t exhaustive, there are plenty of social media holidays you can use as inspiration for content.

By referencing lists like these, you can easily type out quick social posts and relate them back to your business. That way you can guarantee you’re publishing relevant content a few times a month.

Small Business Holidays:

  • January
    • Get to Know Your Customers Day (3rd Thursday of the month) – This holiday is the perfect time to ask your customers for feedback, a testimonial, or a Google review.
    • Make Your Dreams Come True Day (January 13th) – This is a great opportunity to share your small business story. You could talk about how you got started or share photos and videos from the original few months of business.
    • Fun at Work Day (January 28th) – Easy excuse to post a picture of your work setup or employees.
  • March
    • Employee Appreciation Day (1st Friday of the month)
    • International Women’s Day (March 8th) – great for celebrating female-owned and operated businesses. March is also National Women’s History Month so you can post multiple pieces of content throughout the month if it’s relevant to you and your business.
    • National Mom and Pop Business Owners Day (March 29th)
  • April
    • Administrative Professionals Week (Last full week in April)
  • May
    • National Small Business Week (1st week of the month)
  • November
    • Small Business Saturday (Saturday after Black Friday) – This holiday is probably the most important holiday you can focus on. Developed as a way to bring attention to small businesses amidst the hustle and bustle of Black Friday, Small Business Saturday is the perfect opportunity to invite your audience to #ShopSmall.
    • Cyber Monday (Monday after Thanksgiving) – Although this is a widely acknowledged holiday, you can use it to your advantage by promoting online-only sales.
    • Giving Tuesday (Tuesday after Cyber Monday) – If your small business supports a nonprofit, Giving Tuesday is the perfect opportunity to highlight your partnership and the work they do.
  • December
    • Make A Gift Day (December 3rd) – This holiday is great if your small business focuses on handmade items

While knowing each of the above holidays is good, it isn’t enough to just be aware of them. You have to take this list and customize it for your target audience and business needs. Personalizing content goes a long way in terms of customer engagement which is why it’s essential to keep in mind.

Unsure of how to get started? Our team can help! Contact Sweet Rose Studios today to find out how we can help you build your social media calendar.