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How To Choose The Right Social Media Channels

By November 11, 2021No Comments

When you begin your business’s social media pages, you may feel overwhelmed by all the available channels. Should you focus your efforts on your Instagram feed or connecting with your Facebook community? Is it worth it to post on LinkedIn or would it be better to make TikToks?

Spending time on a few social media channels as opposed to all of them will allow you to create more quality content.

At Sweet Rose Studios, we manage multiple client accounts across many different social media platforms. These tips will help you figure out which channels are best suited to your business:

Identify Your Business Goals

Before you decide which social media channel to use, determine your business goals. Different goals will require different tactics and different platforms.

Once you identify your goals, you can direct your efforts to the best-suited social media channel.

Our Client Examples

One of our clients, Mainstream, is a manufacturer of air handling equipment. As a B2B business, they’ve gotten great results through their LinkedIn profile. LinkedIn provides access to many other businesses, so it makes sense why Mainstream gets high engagement when posting to this channel.

Another one of our clients, The Ceramic Bride, receives a lot of engagement from its Instagram channel. This business sells ceramic sculptures of wedding dresses that can be given as wedding or anniversary gifts. Instagram is ideal for this business since the visual feed allows the artists to show off their work and attract potential customers.

Which Social Media Channels Does Your Target Audience Use?

Any time you’re debating a business decision, go to the customers! Learning about audience behavior can help you move forward with your next big decision.

If you know information about your customers, you can use that to determine which social media channels would work best.

It’s safe to assume that your customers aged 50 and up are probably not on Snapchat or TikTok. Using facts like this allows you to concentrate on other channels instead.

Pay Attention to Competitors

In addition to following your audience, it’s also incredibly helpful to check on competitors.

One of our clients, LaffCo. Painting, offers painting services around the Greater Philadelphia area. When creating social media posts for their accounts, we often refer to competitors like Sherwin Williams to see how they are using social media.

Marketers are scientists. We are always conducting research and experimenting with different strategies. A competitor’s page can provide insight into what’s working — and what’s not, so you know what you need to avoid.

If you notice a competitor making a post that receives a ton of engagement, you can try to create a similar post on that platform to see how it works for your own audience.

What Do You Have Time For?

Another good rule of thumb is to only use social media channels that you are sure you have time to maintain. Social media is more than just sending out a post. You will often have to interact with your followers, comment on other posts, and search for other accounts to follow to get noticed and recognized. 

Refrain from creating too many social media accounts — there is nothing worse than a dead social media channel!

If you would like to expand your social media accounts but aren’t sure if you have time for it, you can always outsource to a digital marketing agency like us to help!

Hopefully, these tips will help get you thinking about your next steps for social media.

Need advice on which social media channel to use? Contact our experts at Sweet Rose Studios today!