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Does Your Business Need Social Media Automation?

By November 9, 2021No Comments

It’s hard to ignore how essential social media has become to running a business. Social media is an important marketing tool that allows you to interact with your audience and learn more about them. Using data from social media can be incredibly useful when it’s time to make important business decisions.

If you’re running your own business, it may be hard to find time to devote to social media. Thankfully, there are plenty of social media automation tools out there that allow you to schedule posts in advance. Before you look into which tool to use, we’ll share some of the major benefits of using these tools for your business.

#1: It Saves You Time

Running your own business is time-consuming enough, and it may not be possible to spend even more time managing your social media accounts.

The main benefit of these social media automation tools is that it saves you so much time. Think of it this way: taking a couple of hours out of one day to schedule posts for the entire month, vs. spending a couple of hours every single day to create different posts for the day.

With these automation tools, you can regularly plan out time to sit down and schedule posts, and then go and continue to run your business.

#2: It Helps You Look More Consistent

Another benefit of using a social media scheduling tool is that it helps you look more consistent, which builds followers and gains trust.

Let’s say you’re looking for an interior designer and discover two different companies on social media. Which company would you assume to be more trustworthy: one who posts regularly, or one who makes a post every 6 months?

Consistent posting looks good because you’ll always be fresh in your followers’ minds and you gain their trust by showcasing reliability.

#3: Allows You To Reach Your Target Audiences At The Best Times

Let’s say your data indicates that many of your followers view your content at a certain time every day. Maybe this specific time is the busiest for you, so you aren’t able to spare the time to interact with them online.

With social media scheduling, you are able to post at whatever time you want! If you have followers in different time zones, you can also strategically plan your posts to go live at a certain time that’s targeted for them.

#4: Easy To Manage Multiple Clients

Worrying about all of the social media accounts for a single business is one thing — but what if you have to manage multiple client accounts?

If you are a business that works with other clients, these tools are the perfect addition. Some social media scheduling tools even allow you to add your client to approve each post before they are scheduled. This ensures that both you and your clients are on the same page about the posts.

The Non-Automated Elements

If you were worried about the chance of looking too robotic with these automation tools, don’t worry. There are still elements that you need to manually control, such as comment monitoring. Most softwares have a central location where your followers’ comments and messages live. Here, you are able to respond to those messages whenever you get the chance and then mark them as resolved.

Having a balance between automatic and manual allows you to maintain a human feel to your posts. 

Research Different Tools

If you struggle with regularly updating your social media, a social media automation tool may be perfect for you. At Sweet Rose Studios, we’ve tried several of these tools including Agorapulse, Sprout Social, and eclincher — but there are so many out there to choose from!

Identify your business goals and then do some research about which tool would be the best for achieving these goals. If you’re between softwares, you can compare them on the G2 website.

Considering a social media automation tool for your business? Contact our team at Sweet Rose Studios for tips!