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Cookie Cutter Crap Content – And How To Avoid It

By June 22, 2021No Comments

The 4 C’s – and I’m not talking about diamonds (carat, color, clarity, and cut)!

These 4 C’s pertain to a common situation with small business marketing agencies – and typically agencies that work with clients in a particular niche.

Plumbing Experts?

A local plumber here in the Philadelphia area uses an agency that offers services specifically to plumbers nationwide. The agency positions itself as an expert because they exclusively work with plumbers.

While that sounds great on paper, what tends to happen is the agency will produce content that’s duplicated across all of their clients.

Recently, they posted about “How To Turn Off Your Water Heater.” It was obvious from the post that the agency wrote it with little to no input from the local plumber. A quick Google search turned up multiple examples of the same exact post on multiple sites. The same thing played out on social media.

Is This Helpful?

If you’re a business owner, is this the kind of content you want on your site? Not-super-useful-for-your-prospects-that’s-copied-on-dozens-of-other-sites-content? Doubtful.

Be vary wary of any marketing agency or consultant that says they’re going to produce content on your behalf without your input. Ask for examples of work they’ve done before. Make sure it’s high qualityuseful, and most importantly unique.

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