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2021: The Year of Business Marketing Transformation

By December 17, 2020No Comments


2020 provided individuals and businesses with both struggles and opportunities. As we transition into the new year, it is important that we take what we have learned and look ahead in terms of trends, data, and behaviors. Apply these transformative business marketing trends to your small business in 2021!

2021 is the:

Year of Creativity

Consumers are using services and interacting with brands differently than in past years. Thus, the entire consumer experience and brand approach must adjust with the times. For example, Pantone released the color of the year for 2021 which marketers can use to their advantage in content creation. 2020 was “anti-anxiety blue”. The colors of 2021 are shifting to “Ultimate Gray and Illuminating Yellow” in hopes of bringing excitement and happiness back into the world.

Consumers are looking for content that is geared towards them, is genuine in copy and graphics, and relates to consumer needs and wants. Ultimately, it is important to continue to think of original creative content and practices to retain both consumers and employees alike.

Here are some questions to ask yourself when readjusting your business marketing strategies to be consumer and employee-centric for 2021:

  • Does my service or product make life easier for consumers?
  • Does my business respond quickly and effectively to consumers with great customer service?
  • Are my brand messages unique, genuine, and sincere?
  • Am I remaining up-to-date with trends, technologies, and desires?
  • Are there any new or promising outlets and platforms to use to reach my consumers?
  • How accessible is my content for users? Are my mobile sites and accounts optimized?
  • Do I treat my employees with respect?
  • Am I delivering the utmost value to my customers and employees?

Year of Responsibility

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) has been an area of interest for quite some time now. With the recent injustice, health, and economic issues, it is now that consumers need brands they can identify with and trust!

Corporate social responsibility should not be performed solely as a “business marketing tool”. Brands need to “talk-the-talk” and “walk-the-walk” in how they carry out their responsibility to society. Ethics and honesty are crucial in the business world. CSR must be executed to the fullest extent and stem from a brand’s legitimate concern for the well-being of others.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Small businesses contribute many unique services and products to society. Small businesses also have a great benefit in which they can truly listen to their surrounding community and contribute to initiatives that are dear to the owner’s heart and important to that community.

When thinking of CSR, some people may associate these contributions with the form of a monetary donation. However, that does not have to be the case! CSR can occur in the following ways:

  • Spreading awareness
  • Partnering with service organizations
  • Buying environmentally-friendly products and taking part in sustainability initiatives
  • Volunteering with a local non-profit organization
  • Hosting fundraising events
  • Reducing waste within your business

Any size or form of CSR strongly helps and supports our community! CSR is an important topic that must continue to expand to new levels. Be sure to get your employees, customers, family, and friends involved in your CSR initiatives. Your small business can make even a bigger difference!

Year of Protection

Data collection is a continuous, alarming cycle that has both positive and negative effects. As people remain in a work-from-home environment, concerns regarding privacy and data are heightened.

data protection

The years ahead present an opportunity for policymakers to increase regulation on the topic and also give companies the motivation to engage in ethical business practices.

For example, Google is adapting to the new California data privacy laws and is responding to impending antitrust lawsuits. In the coming years, the use of third-party cookies on Google Chrome will no longer be supported by the search engine company. The company will be utilizing anonymized identifiers (APIs), such as click-through measurements and private interest groups, to replace the work performed by cookies.

Data protection and privacy are crucial to individuals and businesses, no matter the size. Some of the ways your small business can excel in protecting your users’ data include the following: educate yourself on privacy, use different passwords for all important information, and create authorization and authentication processes.

Educating yourself and your employees on privacy and security are very important. As you can see with the previous example, companies are constantly adapting to new regulations and concerns that arise around the topics. Staying in-the-know with these events and changes will help your small business flourish and remain ethical!

Year of Collaboration

The rise of new social channels and platforms has widened the discussion around collaborative business marketing. Consumers are looking to expand beyond the scope of traditional marketing, such as the use of targeted ads and paid media. Thus, consumers need to add something new to their conventional marketing and advertising styles.

2020 boosted the term “influencer marketing”; 2021 will look no different! Consumer behavior transitioned to trust individuals they choose to follow over just brands they use. Collaboration can take on various forms.

Here are some examples that we have seen in 2020:influencer marketing


2020 was a year of hurdles. Make 2021 easier for your small business’s marketing approach by paying attention to these transformative actions!

Looking for ways to prepare your small business for the changing world of business marketing? Our team can help you reach all your business goals, from content to privacy. Contact our team at Sweet Rose Studios today for a consultation!