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YouTube Advertising: A Crash Course for Small Businesses

By September 10, 2020October 22nd, 2020No Comments

YouTube appToday, many people view YouTube as a platform made for teenagers to post random videos. However, according to HubSpot, YouTube reaches more people in the 18-49 age range than any other broadcast or cable network, particularly on mobile devices. With a wide audience, YouTube advertising could be a beneficial addition to your small business.

YouTube is the second largest search engine and six billion hours of YouTube videos are watched monthly. Creating a YouTube channel is an understandable and free strategy to relate to your customer base. Here are some ways to optimize YouTube as a social media platform to promote your small business:

“The Tour”

“The tour” is a great concept for videos if you have a physical location for your small business. Tour videos are a perfect way to give consumers insight into the inner workings of your business. Add some fun music and show off your employees and favorite customers in a short video.

If you do not have a physical location, use “the tour” concept to capture the behind-the-scenes of your work-from-home. For example, create a “day in the life” video from the time you wake up to the time you go to bed.

Check out this tour behind-the-scenes video of a small business fitness studio in Pennsylvania:

“The How To”

Many people utilize YouTube as a form of education. Consumers watch videos from how to cook pasta to how to do their makeup like their favorite celebrity. Do-it-yourself (DIY) tasks are constantly a hot topic for YouTube. Show off your brand’s professional skill sets and expertise in a short DIY or “how to” video.

Most influencers started off by making short “how to” videos on YouTube. Now, these influencers have reached millions of consumers. The consumers are eager to hear what they have to say and what brands they support or interact with. In a way, influencers themselves are their own small business.

Here is a video from an YouTube influencer regarding her favorite small businesses:

“The Testimonial”

Your audience can engage with your videos by liking or disliking your posts. In addition, they can also leave comments. The comments section is a great way for you to gather quick feedback on your video and your brand.

Another way to exemplify how your brand is doing great work is through testimonial videos. Take screenshots of comments or have a customer record a short video discussing the amazing work, product, or service your brand has provided. A testimonial straight from a consumer is a great highlight for your brand.

Some videos go viral by merely reposting funny or engaging tweets and comments. Personable videos are very important in digital marketing these days. Creating these types of videos is a fantastic way to relate your brand to your customers.

“The Video Rewatch”

YouTube is considered a fun time filler for most people, especially popular among younger generations.

How many times have you seen the Doritos commercial from the Super Bowl? Or the Progressive commercials with the character Flo and her co-workers dressed up in the white outfits? Or even your favorite music video from the early 2000s?

These brands have built their companies by creating videos that draw in generations of audiences to watch over and over again. Your small business can also make videos that will be constantly shared, liked, and replayed. The point is small businesses can use YouTube just as well as larger companies.

“The Pass-Through Advertisement”

While the other aspects of YouTube are free, there are also ways to capitalize on paid media. A short 15-30 second advertisement in between can go a long way if you have available resources. A paid advertisement can assist in expanding your reach and bringing a new audience to your channel.

For example, restaurants and stores often utilize YouTube advertising. These ads can either be embedded into the video streams or as still ads on the sidebar. Either way, these ads are bound to capture the attention of the video audience.

“The Share”

Do not create a channel with the sole hope that people will stumble across your brand. While YouTube is the second largest search engine, there is an unimaginable number of videos on YouTube. Broaden your channel’s reach by posting your channel’s link on your website and on your other social media platforms. Promote your channel and even embed your videos in your Instagram and Facebook media apps

Let’s face it. Video marketing is here to stay. People are eager for both engagement and interaction with the brands they use and love. YouTube advertising is a great way to achieve your marketing goals. So, why not start creating videos that your consumers can watch whenever, however, and wherever they choose?

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