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Travis Scott: Rapper or a Marketing Icon?

By September 17, 2020October 22nd, 2020No Comments

Even if rap music is not your favorite genre, you probably heard the name “Travis Scott” at some point. Travis Scott has been taking the rap world by storm since 2008. However, that is not what has been making headlines the past few months. Travis has proved himself to be an influential marketing icon with his different collaborations from his sold-out Nike sneakers to his grammy-nominated Astroworld album. Most recently, Travis has partnered with McDonald’s in a unique way.


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McDonald’s-Scott Campaign

The food at McDonald’s is fast, affordable, and lacks much nutritional value. With new fast-food restaurants popping up, McDonald’s reevaluated its market. They noticed the brand was losing its connection with younger multicultural consumers, specifically the African-American community. To reach this audience, the brand called in a well-known marketing icon popular among this demographic group—Travis Scott.

Travis Scott and McDonald’s are now collaborating in a co-branding effort. Travis’ name, image, and tagline, “It’s lit!” is used on merchandise as well as the introduction of a combo meal. This combo meal features a Quarter Pounder with bacon and lettuce paired with a Sprite, fries, and barbecue dipping sauce.

US chief marketing officer Morgan Flatley comments, “Travis is the first in a suite of big celebrities that resonate across segments and are true fans of our food and our brand.”

Not only is this combo Travis’ favorite meal from his childhood in Houston, but it closely resembles the already firmly established quarter pounder meal at McDonald’s. In addition, the meal combo only costs $6. $6 for a Travis Scott burger combo meal! What young customer would not want to try it out?

CMO Flatley continues, “We need to make sure we are looking through the lens of our operators, our crew, and our people to better connect with African-American youth as we go forward. Today is the beginning of that journey for us.”

Lessons From McDonald’s-Scott Campaign

While Travis Scott and McDonald’s are two large brand names, influencer marketing does not need to be expensive and lavish. Influencers are all around us on various social media platforms with an array of connections, followers, etc. However, brands of all sizes can adapt lessons from Travis Scott’s iconic marketing strategies:

Market Research

McDonald’s was able to capitalize on a great opportunity to bring back a diminishing target audience. From conducting market research, the brand identified the struggles of connecting with this audience. In addition, they found a solution by collaborating with an iconic individual among the demographic — Travis Scott. Market research will also help uncover which platforms are best to promote the campaign on.

Central Communications Theme – “It’s Lit!”

Travis Scott is known for including the phrase “It’s Lit” in his songs. McDonald’s carried this slogan over to their campaign. Using this central communications theme truly unified Travis and McDonald’s in this campaign.

Emotional Connection

A marketing trend among consumers today is the practice of being personable and genuine. This Travis Scott meal resembles Travis’s favorite McDonald’s meal as a child growing up in Texas. By promoting this story, McDonald’s touched the hearts of many consumers and created that image that consumers can relate to.

Two-Way Influencer Marketing

While Travis Scott was helping brands market their company, he was also marketing himself. He widened his reach and awareness by engaging with McDonald’s and other organizations. Influencers themselves have great marketing strategies to promote their brand—themselves. Travis Scott is one of the celebrities whose collaborations have helped him market those brands and his own.

Need help introducing the lessons from the McDonald’s-Scott campaign to your small business? Contact our marketing team at Sweet Rose Studios today!