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Shifting Marketing Strategies After Global Crisis

By June 10, 2020October 22nd, 2020No Comments

Stay-at-home orders shift online marketing strategiesIn times of any crisis, marketing strategies must shift to respond to current situations. Just like many other business areas today, marketing has adapted due to the current global health crisis.

Business tactics have shifted away from normal and have greatly focused on the pandemic and stay-at-home orders. Businesses now feature more virtual content, and this change will likely last. Questions regarding the uncertainty of the near future continue to progress, and marketing plans for the months to come also remain unclear.

How can you maximize marketing changes after an extended crisis? How can you reimagine your marketing plan for the “new normal”? Consider the following when shifting your strategies:

Reevaluate your business goals, missions, and objectives

Begin with your visions from before the crisis. Adjust these statements to include your response towards the situation and review your marketing funnel, from awareness to retention. Think about advertising how your brand is actively planning to move forward as a company. During circumstances like the coronavirus, implement additional online strategies to adhere to new behaviors of consumers.

Do not neglect the crisis, but do not overuse

If you have already revised your business objectives, remind consumers how you adapted and plan to maintain those changes. Consider the pros and cons of promoting the current pandemic efforts in the months to come.

Remember the economic and mental impacts of emergencies

Since the outbreak, both consumers and business professionals have been glued to their couches and laptops working from home. However, not everyone was as lucky to be able to continue work. Other aspects, such as mental health, are also being affected as they would in any catastrophe. Perhaps extend discounts on courses or even include free trials to show support for those in these positions.

Communicate effectively and transparently

People are paying close attention and will continue to when returning to their routines. They want to remain informed, especially about how your brand is acclimating. As previously mentioned, people are not in the same position they were a few months ago. Recognize these needs of your consumers and move your marketing strategies forward with empathy.

Think of ways to stand out

In times of human disconnect, think of ways to maintain a face-to-face connection with your consumer-base. Bring your consumers a sense of normal with continuous efforts to be unique. Propose new products and services that align with your updated business goals, such as using videos and podcasts that are gaining popularity.

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