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Pros and Cons of Using COVID-19 in Digital Marketing

By June 10, 2020October 22nd, 2020No Comments

COVID changed digital marketing strategiesCOVID-19 has been the main headline for months. For example, we have seen companies include different banners on their websites such as “Click here for more COVID information” and “Schedule a virtual consultation.” People have struggled with varying implications from the virus and want life to go back to normal. However, with uncertainty about the upcoming fall, we cannot completely eliminate our conversation of the pandemic. But, when a topic is the center of discussion for a long period, it can become exhausting.

Here are pros and cons of using COVID-19 in your marketing efforts for the last six months of 2020:


Using COVID in marketing shows your brand is still concerned and that you are remaining current

Defining your brand depends on many things including quality and actions taken in response to current events. By continuing to mention the coronavirus, you are reiterating to your clients and consumers that you are aware of the situation and you have their interest in mind.

This marketing emphasizes that your brand is more than talk, but you are taking action

As previously mentioned, your brand is defined by a mixture of things including the actions you take. People look, directly and indirectly, for connections they can make with products, services, and brands they work with and use. For the remainder of the outbreak, continue to update your COVID actions and market those next steps.

COVID is still relevant and important to discuss

A majority of the population has had or knows someone who has had COVID. Coronavirus has created many different issues primarily financial. Remember to show your empathy for the resulting lifestyle changes people made.

Overall, COVID is important to recognize in marketing efforts. Brands are beginning to cut back on mainstreaming COVID adjustments without eliminating the discussion. Be concise with your continuing strategies, but maintain the relevant, transparent dialogue with your clients and audience.


COVID has been in the headlines since January

Everyone has been bombarded with emails, headlines, and other developments surrounding the coronavirus. Instead of making your landing page or email centered around COVID, continue to mention it on the side of other aspects of your brand. Include COVID conversations in blogs and briefly within social media posts about other services offered.

People want to reach the “new normal,” but long for the “old normal” to reemerge

Being at home had both upsides and downsides. People are anxiously waiting for the day when they can put coronavirus behind and be able to re-engage in past activities. Some people may not want the constant reminder that life is not what it used to be. Introduce glimpses of your brand’s past marketing strategies to show that you are moving back to what life was before.

There are actions you can take to move forward with this “new normal” without specifically mentioning COVID. For example, continue to offer those virtual consultations and other events online. This shows you still understand the hesitance around face-to-face interaction, but you still maintain your brand’s presence.

These are just some of the pros and cons to consider when planning your future marketing efforts in response to a crisis. Looking for help handling your online presence? Our team of marketing professionals is ready to assist! Contact us today.