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3 Tips For Writing Engaging Content About “Boring” Topics

By January 8, 2020October 22nd, 2020No Comments

Writing about 'boring' contentMarketers have been told to write content to improve online success for years – but not all industries are exactly fun to read (or write) about.

Creating content about ‘boring’ topics can be a challenge, but it all comes down to these three essential tips.

1) Know The Problem

The premise of your content must be rooted in something relevant, even if it’s not the most glamorous topic. To be considered relevant, content must convey information or propose a solution that readers are searching for.

For example, if you are a landscaping company you might be struggling to write about pruning in an interesting way. Sure, it’s something you may be knowledgeable and passionate about but odds are, the readers just want a few quick takeaways to solve their current problem.

Instead of writing an elaborate article on general pruning, narrow it down to something so specific that a searcher will feel as though it’s written for them. This might turn “Quick Guide To Pruning” into something like, “How Much You Should Prune During Growing Season”. Look into common customer questions, keyword research, or your website traffic for ideas on where to focus.

2) Focus On The Reader

Once you find the perfect niche topic, you’ll start piecing together information to include in your content. Remember that while you are writing from your knowledge and experience, be sure to always bring it back to the reader.

Writing content for 'boring' topics: Focus on the readerThis means if you are writing a “how-to” blog post, be sure to include common errors to avoid, realistic applications, and practical examples.

Not everyone knows the ins and outs of pruning…most people want nice landscaping.

In other words, when you deliver information, it has to be easy to read, simple to apply, and relatable. Notice how we just gave you a real-life example that you can use in future writing?

Meet your reader halfway and you will captivate their attention. While they want to feel like you know what you’re writing about, you should always make sure that it is an approachable take that will resonate with your readers. Sprinkling in buzzwords that only mean something to your industry peers will not keep people on the page – building a connection with them will!

3) Build A Narrative

And finally, the most important tip of them all, build a captivating story around your ‘boring’ topic.

Don’t just state “Want to know how to prune? Read below”. Paint a picture of how the reader may be feeling (exhausted from failed landscaping and self-conscious of your yard), acknowledge their problem (a dying and unsightly landscape), and then dive into the solution (correct pruning methods) fast.

Writing content for 'boring' topics: Building a narrative

With attention spans shortening consistently, you have to draw people in with your first few sentences to keep them engaged; Addressing the solution with an informative and approachable tone will keep them scrolling.

Some ways to tap into a narrative are:

  • Retell a memory you think others can relate to
  • Place the reader in a scenario they probably have found themselves in before
  • Keep a common thread throughout the content
  • Paint a picture of a worst-case outcome and then show how to avoid it

Content has been a proven marketing tool for years, but as attention spans dwindle, it can be hard to make informative pieces on bland topics engaging. By finding a specific problem, writing an approachable solution, and wrapping it all in an interesting narrative, you can get that engagement you’ve been dreaming of!

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