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Optimizing Flash Briefings For Small Business

By May 30, 2018October 22nd, 2020No Comments

Flash Briefings for Small BusinessHave you heard of flash briefings? As a small business owner, it’s definitely something you should pay attention to.

Flash briefings brings customers to you by bridging the gap across all platforms. This functional tool is a custom feature of Alexa, Amazon’s voice controlled personal assistant. It allows the consumer to organize and subscribe to briefings from channels. Flash briefings can also be utilized by small businesses to gain a stronger platform.

But how do you utilize flash briefings to bring your consumers to you? The strongest way to reach more consumers is the same with any marketing technique: make it consistent and give it value.

In order to grow in any market, you have to be where your consumers are and be able to anticipate their needs. Flash briefings make it even easier to do this. They connect to consumers by using your expertise and building a platform on your experience.

Here are a few examples in which someone can use flash briefings for their small business:

“Jana and Davis Floral Arrangements” – Florist

This is a small wedding florist looking to expand to other markets outside of their small town. They create flash briefings for consumers ages 25-45 who subscribe to wedding channels.

Their flash briefings can range in topic, from designing a bouquet from your flower garden to what’s popular in wedding flower arrangements right now. They share this flash briefing on their Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook accounts, as well as their email newsletter.

“Jackson’s Plumbing Service” – Plumber

Jackson’s Plumbing Service is trying to build a loyal customer base. The company’s main demographic are homeowners ages 35-65.

Their flash briefings can range from septic tank care, to older home plumbing care, to updating your plumbing. These flash briefings are 4 minutes in length – long enough to give valuable advice but short enough that it keeps the consumer’s attention.

At the end of their briefing, the company directs the consumer to their YouTube page for more information and tips. They share their flash briefings and videos that coincide with the flash briefing on Facebook, Twitter, and in an email newsletter.

“Martini’s Red Dress” – Boutique

Martini’s Red Dress is a moderate-sized boutique selling formal and casual wear for plus- size women. Their flash briefings are body positive, and range from finding the right dress for your body type to festival wear for the coming season’s concerts. They report trends as well as how-to’s.

Each flash briefing covers a fact, such as statistic about fashion or a claim from a fashion magazine, or it may even cover a story of a plus- size woman and how fashion inspires them. They then post these tips and stories on the blog on their website, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

“SQ Realty Group” – Real Estate

SQ Realty Group is a real estate company that deals with a wide range of topics, from HUD and foreclosures to selling and buying homes in the suburbs. Their briefings consist of tips covering everything real estate, from buying a HUD home to renovating your home to sell.

They use this time to discuss the processes in the market, since real estate can be a difficult matter to understand. If the consumer is in the market for selling their home, receiving a briefing on how to renovate to sell would be helpful and could potentially draw the consumer to call the office to speak with an agent. These briefings are then posted on their blog, Facebook, Twitter, and email newsletter.

The key to flash briefings is to keep your content relatable to your audience. It’s delivering valuable content while subtly hinting at your brand. It’s also beneficial to align the briefing with the company’s social media platforms.

Don’t like social media? Like it or not, social media is one of the more effective ways to help expand your customer base. By giving prospective new customers access to your information across all platforms, you are able to build greater loyalty for the consumer. Seeing your posts in their feed reminds them of your business, which in turn forms stronger relationships with them.

This is true for Alexa and flash briefings, too. This tool makes it easier to connect your brand with consumers by developing their trust in your knowledge and expertise. By making your knowledge accessible, you’re giving consumers even more of a reason to trust in your brand.

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