social networking site updatesHave you ever noticed how social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter are constantly changing?

Social networking sites are continually updating to continue to attract viewers. It’s important for your company to know how to handle these changes and what to do to make the most of them!


Have you ever wondered what determines the posts that appear in your Facebook news feed? Facebook has a very complicated News Feed Algorithm.

The company has recently announced that in addition to likes, comments, and shares, time spent on each story will also be considered to determine what appears on your news feed.

So what does that mean for your company’s Facebook page? Make sure you are consistently posting relevant, useful content that engages your customers.

Posting solid content directly on your Facebook page instead of sharing links or other material on your site may help increase your company’s presence in the news feeds of your clients.


Twitter just revealed that the direct message limit will no longer be confined to 140 characters this July. Now, brands that interact with customers on Twitter will benefit from the new allowance of 10,000 characters. This will grant companies the ability to communicate with their client base and partake in customer service measures without worrying about limitations.


In the next few weeks, Pinterest will be adding a feature that may yield more conversions! The company announced that Pinners will be able to buy directly from the Pinterest Network with “Buyable Pins”. With this capability, Pinterest users will no longer have to search for the pins they like in order to buy it. Instead, they can simply click on the “buy it” option located on the pin.

How does this help you? Companies that use Pinterest may be able to take advantage of this new aspect by buying Promoted Pins to push their products into people’s home feeds, category, and search results. Maintaining a regularly updated Pinterest page that includes effective content and your company’s products or services may help increase conversions.


Similar to Pinterest, Instagram just added three action-oriented buttons, “shop now”, “install now”, and “sign up”, to their advertisements. When clicked, the buttons open a mini-browser within the app, so once you’re done buying or downloading, you’ll return to Instagram. This could benefit direct marketers who are trying to earn conversions directly from their sponsored Instagram posts.

Staying up to date with your company’s Instagram page as well as placing relevant advertisements on Instagram may mean more business with these new action-oriented buttons. Small and big businesses can now use their social channels as a marketplace. Buy buttons will allow smaller retailers to cultivate their client base and extend their brand to customers that otherwise may have never stumbled upon their company.

Social Media marketing has become an essential tool in any company’s marketing campaign, regardless of size. Learning how to manage social networking site updates among different social media platforms may help your company improve its online presence.

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