Beginner Blogging TipsThe hardest part of creating a blog is in the beginning stages.

Getting traffic and gaining followers is the hardest part at first, and there’s a lot of incomplete information out there. Not to mention, once you start blogging, it can be difficult to sustain enthusiasm for your own brand if it becomes a burden.

Many people are told (and not inaccurately per se) that they should promote their blog through social media and by commenting on similar blogs. While this strategy may be helpful, this alone will not usually garner results that reflect your efforts.

Here are a few rules for beginner bloggers to start and sustain a successful blog…

Start With A Plan

Blogging can easily become like a second job, and can become overwhelming quickly. Go in with a strategy for how often you want to post content, what it will be about, and when you will do the bulk of your writing. With a manageable plan, you will alleviate much of the difficulty of sustaining a blog.

Is it easier to write most of your content on the weekend, and post throughout the week? Post a photo blog on Fridays? Feature a guest blog on Sundays? Going in with a plan that works for your schedule, and keeping a list of ideas and evergreen content, can help you manage your workload so it doesn’t become a burden on you.

Keep It Fresh

Post regularly, so every time a visitor returns to your blog, there is fresh content for them to devour. Mix up the format of your content (photos, podcasts, videos, and infographics) so they get a mixture of visuals and text, and can always expect something new and exciting.

Focus your content around a publishing plan that fills a niche. Offer something a little different from the other people like you. Know your audience’s problems, and offer them solutions.

Network. Then Network Some More.

It can’t be said enough. This is where commenting on other blogs and on social media comes in, but it doesn’t stop there.

Offer visitors something exciting (an ebook, a video tutorial, a free podcast) if they subscribe to your email list. Then keep them coming back regularly with quality content in your newsletters.

Write guest posts to build your brand. If possible, include a link to your blog and a short bio at the end. From there, direct visitors to your email list.

Start relationships with similar bloggers. Compile a short interview with them, or create a round-up post for your subscribers, just make sure to direct them back to your website in the end!

Beginning a blog can be daunting, but with a little extra preparation, you can set yourself way ahead of the game! Contact Sweet Rose Studios for help setting your blog up for success!