How to Create Facebook Ads That Get ClickedFacebook ads may not be known for generating high conversions, but with some extra thought and effort, they can be invaluable to your business. An excellent tool for brand awareness, Facebook ads can get visibility for your name while telling you useful information about your customer.

Brands that invest time up front in their Facebook ads not only reach their customers on a personal level; they have the opportunity to learn who their audience is, what resonates for them, and where future marketing opportunities lie.

Segment Your Audience

Facebook ads offer a unique feature, in that they allow you to select demographics and segments down to the smallest detail. Most brands don’t take advantage of this to its full potential.

Imagine you’re a clothes company. There are hundreds of clothes companies that market on Facebook, and many of them simply look at factors such as age, gender, and location. This might get some interested clicks from a handful of people who like what they see in the ad. But what if you could fine-tune your ads even more, so people who saw them couldn’t resist clicking?

I’m a woman in my early twenties, so I get dozens of ads in my newsfeed for clothes. That being said, I’m no style aficionado, and would probably never click on one of those ads. I am, however, obsessed with travel, and one look at my Facebook page will tell you that. If I see a city skyline or a gorgeous mountain view, I’m putty for marketers. Show someone strolling down the Champs-Elysees in that dress, and I’ll probably click, if not subscribe. Think of how you can market to different micro-segments of your audience, and capture their triggers.

Implementing Micro-Segments

Consider a variety of factors when narrowing down your advertising. Think of a variety of hobbies, life stages, locations, ages, favorite books, and so on. How can you market your product to a cyclist, or a college student, or a bride-to-be, or a Harry Potter fanatic? Come up with anything you can possibly make relevant to your brand, then find pictures and write a zippy line of copy to appeal to those people.

Be sure to use as many images as Facebook allows (currently six) so you can test the results. Adapt and tweak your ads as you glean more information from your customers. If you can, create landing pages for as many micro-segments as possible, so you follow them through the funnel towards conversion.

Get to Know Your Customer

This is certainly a big-time and energy commitment. But with the trend toward personalization on social media, this will put you ahead of the game. You will gain invaluable information about what your customers respond to and how.

Facebook is where people market how they want to be seen by the public. They are more likely to affiliate with brands that represent what they value and how they want to be seen. By marketing directly towards their interests, you show the customer explicitly why your brand is relevant to their lives. Conversions and brand loyalty aside, the extra time you spend targeting your ads is worth what you gain in knowledge about your customers.

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