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Tips You Might Be Missing For Incorporating Blog Images

By November 12, 2014October 22nd, 2020No Comments

Great content never goes out of style, and now it’s more important than ever. But while content is always trendy, it has changed form considerably in recent years, and will continue to evolve. And right now, it’s crucial that you use blog images to improve your content.

Great writing is no longer the single dominating force in producing quality content. Written content now shares the number one spot with big beautiful images on the list of factors that make content persuasive and share-able. While we could write a dozen posts on incorporating images into your blog, here are a few you may be missing!

Make Them Big

Images have always taken a backseat due to limitations on space, budget (in the case of printed content), or speed of loading. With web content, space and budget are not an issue in this day and age, and average internet connection speeds in the United States are over 31 MBPS, which makes it easy to load reasonably-sized images.

It can help to minify your images with programs such as JPEGmini or a variety of WordPress plugins. This can decrease load time, leading to happy users (and sometimes better search rankings).

Minify Images

Reduce your image sizes!

It’s no longer necessary to offset small images to the side of a blog post all the time. Give high-quality images the space they deserve. Pictures create emotional connections, highlight the customer, and can build a community around a product. Let your readers ogle your fabulous photographs!

Name Your Images

It’s a nuisance, but Google takes file names into consideration when it determines the relevance of an image.

Create image titles in your blog, and add your own Alt text. As small as these steps seem, they are well worth the effort.

Example of Alt TextAnd on that note, remember your captions where necessary. Your users need to know what they’re looking at!

Use Your Own Photos(When Possible)!

Stock photos can be great for abstract posts (like this one, if I must I call myself out). But whenever possible, few stock images can beat a photograph custom-snapped for your blog post.

Taking your own photos or hiring a photographer is highly recommended when it comes to showcasing your product. Not only will you avoid the risk of copyright-infringement, you will also likely rank better in search, and you can show off your product or service in the light you want it to be shown.

Whether you take your own or hire a professional depends on your product and how you wish to present it. Are you going for a homegrown vibe? Or do you want to step it up a notch, Staging Spaces and Design, a Philadelphia interior decorator, uses professional photography on their blog to present the thoughtful consideration that goes into the colors, lighting, and design on each of their projects. To really take your business’s blog to the next level, hiring a professional photographer is often a wise step – and well worth it!

In the digital age, it’s crucial to give thought to the images that represent your business online. How do they entice a new?customer? How are they persuasive? Let photos on your blog help you tell the story you wish to share!

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