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5 Steps To Successful Blogging You Might Be Missing

By October 12, 2014October 22nd, 2020No Comments

bloggingCould you be generating more conversions or more brand awareness with your blog?

No matter what your blog is about or what what purpose it serves, there are a number of things you might be missing that nearly all successful blogs have in common.

Check your blog against these five crucial elements to see how it stacks up!

A Unique Custom Design

With so many free blogging services out there, it’s important to have a design that singularly defines your brand. A web designer can work wonders in creating a simple and unique layout for your blog that customers will come to associate with your brand. Keep the theme consistent, and be sure to incorporate your logo throughout the blog.

One of the main purposes of maintaining a blog is to increase brand awareness. Make sure your theme supports that goal!

A Fantastic “About Us” Page

Make sure prospects can quickly figure out what your brand is all about. Explain this in a clear and concise manner on an easily-found “About Us” page. Tell them what you have to offer, and build credibility. Include relevant photographs of yourself, your product, or anything that will build trust and show who’s behind the brand.

Don’t forget to include some testimonials, and the option to subscribe! Also make sure to include links to some of your most important or defining blog posts, which a new reader may not immediately find otherwise.

A Strategy

Even if the blog doesn’t make money directly, it certainly can help generate plenty of brand awareness. Are you trying to promote your products or services? Showcase the community that surrounds your product Where are you promoting your blog?

Create a content plan for how your blog will develop along the way. Decide what purpose your blog will do immediately, what purpose it will serve, and some of your overarching goals.

A Mobile Site

With so many people using mobile platforms, it’s important that readers can view your blog from a mobile device without having to squint or zoom in. They’ll be more likely to keep up with your blog if they can do so with ease on the go.

Additionally, and just as (if not more) importantly, Google gives higher SEO rankings to websites with a mobile site! This could mean increased awareness and conversions for your brand, even amongst those using desktops!

Plenty of Evergreen Content

Always have ideas for evergreen content in the back of your notebook – those standard ideas in your industry that never seem to grow stale. They keep your current readers engaged, even if they’ve seen essentially the same thing one hundred times before, and it appeals to a new audience who comes to you at varying levels of expertise.

Make sure to balance your fresh, new ideas with evergreen content in order to maintain and grow a following.

Need help incorporating these steps to successful blogging, or moving another step beyond in the blogosphere? Contact Sweet Rose Studios for insights and help on your blog marketing!