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Managing Client Relationships With Social Media

By September 6, 2014October 22nd, 2020No Comments

handshake-2Navigating your way around today’s digital world full of shares, likes, and tweets can seem very challenging.

Trying to find a place for your business in this world? That can often feel near impossible.

However, getting your brand’s foot through the social networking door may not be as difficult as you may think. And once you get the ball rolling, it can play a huge role in client relationship management. One key component will help carry you as you set up your online marketing campaign: your blog.

Blog For Your Business

First and foremost, you have to create a blog. This crucial step in setting up your online presence serves as a welcoming open window into your brand. It’s one thing for a user to stumble upon a cookie-cutter website with a list of products or services and nothing to support their effectiveness.

It is completely different for a user to come across a blog, complete with images of past projects, a list of the products or description of the skills used to achieve a task, and links to other pages within your site. This simple tool gives your viewers the ability to identify and interact with your brand on a much more personal level.

Blog For The Customer

In developing your blog (and your online presence as a whole), keep in mind that the effect of your content marketing campaign is not limited to revenue and lead generation (although these things are obviously very important when running a business!) Rather, approach your campaign as more of a form of customer service.

Use your blog as a way to attract potential new clients with on-the-surface assistance up front. If you offer to guide a potential client through basic DIY projects, or to give simple bits of advice on how to master a technique specific to your industry, you essentially bring your brand to a level that the consumer can identify with, and you are more likely to stick in their memory as the one to call when they ultimately reach the buyer level in their process.

Blog For The Digital Masses

Finally, familiarize yourself with the social trends of today. Understand how various social networking outlets such as Facebook and Twitter work, then use these portals to extend your reach to your clients by making it easier for them to access your content. These social forums can serve as an excellent source to share the blog you have developed!

Once you have established your social network presence, set your brand up as a user’s “go-to” source for quick information. Use Facebook to share recent blog posts that contain brief how-to instructions and before-and-after photos, or connect with experts within your industry and “re-tweet” them to demonstrate your dedication to your line of work.

Using social media to manage “client relationships” doesn’t have to be complicated or stressful. In fact, it can turn out to be quite exciting! Once you familiarize yourself with the resources at your fingertips, you’ll soon find yourself on your way to running a successful online marketing campaign!

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