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Teach Me Your Ways: Content Marketing Through Educational Blogs

By August 15, 2014October 22nd, 2020No Comments

educationImagine a scenario where you are speaking with a potential client, and they ask you this question: “What is your secret?”

How do you respond to such an inquiry?

Option one would be with a wink and a grin: “Hire my company and we’ll do it for you!”

Option two: “I have found that this particular approach works best. Why don’t you give that a shot, and if you run into trouble, contact my company for guidance?”

Now, if you were the client, which reply would you respond positively towards? What if you were a client faced with a similar situation on your blog?

Creating a blog which provides insight into the inner-workings of your company may not seem like the most effective way to attract new clients. However, the key is to engage readers in a way that they do not feel cornered into paying for your services in order to achieve an end result.

You want your readers to feel that you identify with their situation and that you are available to assist them in their endeavors, be it by providing simple advice or, ultimately, selling them the service you hope they employ. The odds are greater that you will attract new clients by demonstrating a genuine interest in successfully reaching their end result, and this can be achieved by turning your blog into an education resource for basic skills related to your area of practice.

JR Carpentry & Tile, a Philadelphia-based kitchen and bathroom remodeling company recently published a blog post about a project which required a unique approach to laying diagonal tile in a small powder room.

This educational post simultaneously piques the reader’s interest in other services the company provides. Focus your blog post on a specific task and share one informative yet general tidbit on how to complete the task.

There is no need to divulge your “magic formula” behind becoming an expert in your field; but showing a little bit of interest in your readers’ plight could go a long way in attracting lifelong clients!

Would you like to improve on the ways you interact with potential clients through educational blogs? Contact Sweet Rose Studios today!