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Play Devil’s Advocate To Improve Online Content

By July 10, 2014October 22nd, 2020No Comments

file000824151914Writing content is no walk in the park. After you’re done combing through for grammatical errors it’s time to upload it and walk away, right? Only if you don’t want to improve online content.

Playing Devil’s Advocate can help you be your own marketing coach.

1. Are You Delivering Accurate Information?

It’s imperative that you use correct, quality sources in your content. Presenting your business as a genuinely knowledgeable hub of information is a great way to establish authority. Use your judgment to eliminate questionable sources from reliable ones.

Is the author well-researched and recognized in their field? The emerald ash borer is something many homeowners have never heard of but it plays a huge role in their landscaping. Garrett Churchill, Inc. covered this pesky pest in a blog post that informs readers on the risk lying in wait for their ash trees. Furthermore, an additional step was taken in the recommendation of a trusted source.

2. Abundant Question Marks

Clients and readers will ask questions, which is inevitable. Be as helpful as you can by sharing information on your process. What choices go into designing a logo? How did you arrange this website? Letting people in on your methods and techniques answers dozens of questions before they’re even asked. Write detailed blog posts that give readers insight on what goes into every project.

3. Why Should Your Reader Care As Much As You?

Selling an idea or pitching a project to a client goes beyond dollar signs, layouts, and promises. People have to know that you believe in your own company. Your enthusiasm will affect others; they’ll notice your passion and adhere to it.

LaffCo. Painting completed a very personal project at the beginning of the summer. Owner Shawn Lafferty redid the siding on his house under his own company name. Putting trust in yourself and your team will prove to other people why they should trust you.

This technique can help with any future blog posts. Need some more help with your business? Contact Sweet Rose Studios today!