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Online Marketing

How Color Can Define Your Advertisements

By November 25, 2013October 22nd, 2020No Comments

When marketing, your goal is to capitalize on as many advantage of possible. One key aspect to any successful marketing campaign is the outward appearance of your website and any associated print or online ads.

Consumers respond differently to different colors, so by taking advantage of the right colors in the right situation, you can make or break an entire campaign.

Let’s take a look at how people react to certain colors:


Color Analysis - greenThis natural color corresponds with safety, restfulness, and vision.

In business, green is considered professional due to it’s correlation with money. Many financial institutions and banks will use this color because it gives off the feeling of success and will increase customer confidence in your company.

For example, Sweet Rose Studios uses the color green because we want to promote confidence and success to attract new business.


This color evokes the feeling of intensity or energy. It increases blood pressure and even more importantly, gets people’s attention.

Using red for your “Buy Now” or “Get a Quote” tabs will lead a visitor to the important part of your site.


With the energetic tones of red and the happy pigment of yellow, orange is insinuated with health, success, and determination. It increases oxygen supply to the brain and stimulates mental activity.


The color of happiness can mean something complete different in the marketing world. Like taxis in New York City, yellow is used to get attention. Too much of a good thing can hurt your website, thought, and yellow can also be blinding and distracting, so using it sparingly and in the right places.


Often thought of as the sky and water, blue calms the senses and is associated with depth and stability. Using blue for a vacation or a spa site – both corresponding with relaxation – will draw in customers by making them feel calm and relaxed.


Combining the energy of red and stability of blue makes for a color that is insinuated with royalty, ambition, and luxury. Light lavenders and pinkish purples are often considered ‘girly’ color.


This color most commonly means death, but black is used more technically to make other colors pop. For example, photographer websites often use black to make their art the focal point.


Often meaning purity and faith, white, just like black, is often used in marketing to make other colors appeal bolder and gives off a feeling of cleanliness. Sweet Rose Studios also uses white in the majority of its pages to ensure clients are focusing on the website’s content and not an array of distracting colors.


Using the right colors in the right places can define the success of your website, and in turn, promote your company in the right light.

By educating yourself with the feeling behind every color, you can have the upper hand in the marketing game.