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Pinterest Unveils Promoted Pins

By October 10, 2013October 15th, 2013No Comments

Have you ever browsed Pinterest and found the perfect product…then clicked on the picture only to find that it leads you nowhere remotely close to the company’s website?

This is all about to change.

In Ginny Marvin’s Marketing Land article “Pinterest ‘Promoted Pins’ Ads Debut Today“, she explains just how advertising on Pinterest is going to revamp marketing on Pinterest.

The social media outlet recently unveiled their new promotions tool, “Promoted Pins.” It’s designed to help consumers easily find their way to the products shown on Pinterest. For example, the picture below shows the search “camping.” If you look under the pinner’s name, there is a tab that reads “Promoted Pin,” this lets fellow pinners know where this product is from and how they can go about purchasing it by clicking the “Learn More” button.

Pinterest Promoted Pins

From the beginning, the idea of Pinterest always seemed like a remarkable medium for companies to market products, services, or ideas… but Pinterest itself never established a formal tool to help companies do so. By discovering their impact in the marketing industry, Pinterest is now making strides to assist advertisers to market on their site.

The social media outlet is cautiously going forward with future advertising tools and are only establishing these “Promoted Pins” with a few businesses. The article doesn’t mention why, but there is a possibility the company wants to keep the sanctity of the original website where everyday people can share anything from products they like to advice they admire. These advertising tools propose a threat by potentially turning the site into a overload of ads.

This tool is an amazing first step into the growth of marketing on Pinterest. The tool itself will help alleviate the stress on consumers as they search for products by showing which pins are ads and which are not.

Is Pinterest fully on board with using ads to take their site to the next level for marketers? Let us know in the comments below!