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Three Harsh Truths To A Successful Amplification Strategy

By October 18, 2013October 22nd, 2020No Comments

MegaphoneImagine this – you just created the “perfect” content for your company. You’re completely satisfied with it, you click publish… and nothing happens. No traffic, no leads, no sales.

What did you do wrong?

Joel Klettke’s recent post, “Amplification: Content Marketing’s Missing Piece,” explains exactly what you’re doing wrong and how you can fix it. Before implementing an effective content amplification strategy, there are three harsh truths that every company needs to accept.

1. Your Content is Not Special.

That one hurt, I know. But the sooner you accept the reality of the situation, the quicker you can turn it around. Klettke says that no matter how amazing your content may be, it still needs to be promoted.

He then rounds off slap-in-the-face statistics from “Death to Bullshit”: In the next 24 hours, 4,000,000,000 things will be shared on Facebook, 499,860 posts will be published on WordPress, 103,680 hours of video will be uploaded to YouTube and 144,800,000,000 e-mails will be sent.  Still think your content is special enough to stand on its own?

2. You are Not famous.

No matter how bad you want the number of followers that Justin Bieber or The Wall Street Journal has on Twitter, you are not on their level. Klettke states that most businesses do not have the audience, nor the resources to get the feedback that these household names breed…so stop trying to copy them.

3. Sharing is Not the Goal.

Sharing numbers aren’t like poker chips you get to trade in to receive cash. The author explains that what truly matters in content amplification is what comes after the sharing – whether that’s in the form of leads, sales, links, or building your community.

He says, people may share your information, but if they are not buying your product or service, those share numbers are useless.

The Goal

The main idea Klettke reiterates throughout the post is that in order for you to have successful content, you have to have an amplification strategy way before you hit “publish.” Which simply means, promoting! ?You need to promote the message you’re trying to get across, to the right audience. Just pressing “Publish” and expecting the public to flock right to your content is foolish and naive.

In the blog post by LaffCo. Painting, the company created this post as secondary content to give advice to homeowners while leading them to LaffCo.’s services including interior painting.

Your Audience

Klettke states that you need to get to know your audience by defining:

  • Where they get their information
  • Who they trust, admire, follow
  • How they like to receive information ( audio, video, straight forward, or long-form)

This information will help you to not only create your content, but more importantly, amplifying it. This knowledge will attract the right people to generate your company leads, sales, links, and even build your community.

Promoting your Content

A must-know when promoting your content is that people don’t share or consume information the same way. You may have to alter your content in order to appeal to your target audience. Klettke mentions that this can be done by breaking up your content and using your previously researched information to create videos, posts, interviews and more, this will attract people to your primary piece.

What methods have been effective for promoting your content? Let us know in the comments below!