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10 Easy Ways to Build a Social Media Presence

By October 25, 2013October 22nd, 2020No Comments

collection of social media iconsNow that virtually everyone is online, companies are taking advantage of social media to expand and promote their content marketing.

These social media outlets (Facebook, Twitter, etc) are not just for mindless thoughts, they require strategy and targeting in order to leverage them effectively in your overall marketing strategy.

To help, Christine Lombard provides 10 Concepts to Build your Social Media Presence.

1. Which ones should you choose?

You can’t just attack every social media outlet and expect to dominate the market. Pick two or three that will reach your target market effectively. For example, Staging Spaces and Design, an interior decorating company in Horsham, uses Pinterest as one of their outlets to allow them to pin pictures of their work and other home decor tips.

2. Tell us a little about yourself.

Don’t just set up the account and start “tweeting” or “pinning”. Make sure to adapt your profile by explained who you are, what you do, and why consumers should use your company.

3. Smile for the camera!

Pictures are beautiful things. Use your “cover photo” space on Facebook to your advantage. Most people are visual when browsing social media – show them what you’re doing by posting pictures of recent events, ads, and more.

4. Organize your thoughts.

With these different media outlets it can be hard to remember usernames or passwords. Create a secure tracking sheet with the address, username, and password, especially if more then one person is going to be managing these sites. Also, keep your cover photo / icon / logo consistent throughout each account.

5. Make friends.

Don’t be shy. Start “following”, “liking”, and “pinning” companies that can benefit you and increase your community. Who exactly are these people? Clients, experts, and competitors can all be beneficial to growing your group of followers.

6. Say something useful.

Post content that matters. Vary the content over each medium but schedule each one accordingly. You can set up automatic posts so you can work on your next blog while twitter is tweeting about your newest product.

7. Planning and managing.

Planning social content can make or break the success of your content marketing strategy. Setting up a 3-6 month editorial calendar can plot a more effective course than posting randomly.

8. Spread the word.

Now that you have these sites up and running, link them to your company website, email signature, newsletters, and blog posts. These links will help you receive more views of your profiles and hopefully attract more followers or even clients.

9. Follow the tracks.

Social media outlets have metrics. Some might be better then others, so identify your Key Performance Indicators (KPI) and analyze which posts are helpful and which are not. It may take a while for you to see results, but keep at it – you may see your return on investment (ROI) increase over time.

10. Cut them off.

Evaluate your pages constantly. Don’t hesitate to scrap or re-imagine your presence on specific channels if needed.

Need help with the next steps? Contact Sweet Rose Studios for a free evaluation of your company’s online presence.