Don’t Be A Copycat

Think again before copying off of a competitor

I can see you!

Has business been slow in recent months? If so, you maybe wondering WHY?

The truth might stem from a variety of reasons, but a common misperception is to immediately blame and try to copy the competition.

Not so fast according to ConversionXL’s recent blog post – Stop Copying Your Competitors: They Don’t Know What They’re Doing Either.

Remember, what works for your competitors won’t necessarily work for you – and what they’re doing isn’t necessarily correct!

The best way to defeat competition is to revise your own marketing strategy to be new, exciting, and original.

Why Copying Actually Backfires

ConversionXL makes a very good point – there’s no way of knowing exactly what’s leading to your competitors’ success. In fact, they might not even know which marketing strategies are working for them and which ones are not. It might not have to do with the layout of their website or the special discount they offered last month, it could be that they have more targeted ads, better source traffic, or simply have better relationships with their clients.

Your own success has to do with improving the data-driven strategies that you already have in place. It has to do with getting your current customers to support you, visit your website, and recommend you to friends. It has to do with the order that your business is listed in searches on Google and Bing, which then leads to data involving the click-through rates on specific areas of your website and how many people fill out an online form.

How To Launch Original Strategies

The first step is to actually track and utilize website data through tools like Google Analytics, Google AdWords, and Moz. Data in hand, think about your tactics and strategies to be successful. Some SEO tactics might be helpful for a small bump, but always keep longer-term, bigger-picture strategies in mind – they will make the biggest impact moving forward.

Both areas for improvement involve looking inward – not outward – so don’t waste time and money worrying about what others in your industry are doing!

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